School Supplies for Home Schooling

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What school supplies should be purchased for home schooling?

School Supplies for Home Schooling

If your child will be in home schooling this year, consider using some of the following school supplies in addition to what the public and private school teachers are restricted to using:

  1. Hooked on Phonics or any Phonics program
  2. Adam Robinson's What Smart Students Know book
  3. CashFlow for Kids board game
  4. Zome System for free-form activities
  5. Learning Wrap-Ups for help with math
  6. Accelerated Learning Network's FUNdamentals
Why not give your child educational tools that help build character, stimulate intellect and promote creativity? Basic school supplies are still required for optimal learning, such as pens, pencils, paper, and notebooks. Go the extra mile and teach your child more than just how to memorize answers for tests. Take the accelerated learning route and explore your child's potential!



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