What to Look for at the School Supply Store

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What are some shopping tips for back to school supplies?

What to Look for at the School Supply Store

Here is a short checklist of back to school items and tips for your visit to the school supply store:

  1. Buy smaller glue and crayons. Space is limited and teachers stress children sometimes lose these items easily.
  2. Remember school dress rules when buying clothing. Some schools have rules about the verbiage appearing on t-shirts.
  3. Consider the new Velcro straps for books as some schools require backpacks be stored upon arrival at school.
  4. Make sure to buy lots of extras before school starts. Take advantage of the lower prices - it's a good possibilty your child will need more of something as the school year goes on.
  5. When possible let kids choose their own items or at least the color or design. Keeping kids involved in the back-to-school shopping will help get them excited for the beginning of school.
  6. Make sure you buy a lunch box or backpack that your small child can open easily.
When shopping for back to school supplies, think simplicity, necessity, and creativity. That way you get items that aren't overwhelming, items that are real needs, and school supplies that are fun and unique.



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