Choosing the Right Modular Office Furniture

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What are my options with modular office furniture?

Choosing the Right Modular Office Furniture

Systems furniture is available in two main designs: panel-mounted and freestanding. Most systems furniture today is panel-mounted, which means the wall panels are the basis of the system, and components such as desks and file cabinets are mounted directly onto the panels. Freestanding components use separate panels that are placed around furniture. Each design has its advantages:

  • Panel-based systems offer greater design flexibility, can be equipped with internal power options, and can be a bit taller to provide greater privacy and noise reduction.
  • Freestanding systems can be easily installed and reconfigured. This makes them more convenient for firms that will often rearrange or move office space.
The decision in which type to choose lays in which feature is more important: flexibility or mobility.



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