Feng Shui and Office Cubicle Organization

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How would one use Feng Shui in a cubicle?

Feng Shui and Office Cubicle Organization

A cubicle is a much trickier Feng Shui situation than an entire office or room. Cubicles are unfortunate paradigms of vulnerability for the individual worker. One of the chief problems is that you don't use a real desk but work from a countertop-type desk that is attached to a cubicle wall. However, you can do plenty to improve your situation:

  1. Make sure you can see the entrance to your cube from your desk. Try to move your sitting position first, but don't cramp your work style. If you can't move — you can't.
  2. If you can't move your sitting position, you can place an 8-x-10-inch mirror in a picture frame or on a small stand to reflect the entrance of the cube to allow you to see if anyone is approaching. Many people subconsciously use the reflections in their computer monitor to see who's approaching them, because seeing the entrance is a basic human need.
  3. Bringing living and flowing energy into your workspace, such as plants and flowers. These features are important ways of compensating for the small size of your space and the constant traffic flows that pass by your cube. A nice fountain near the entrance of your cube can work wonders. If space or social realities preclude a fountain, you can get some of the same benefits from a photo (the larger, the better) of flowing water, such as of a waterfall or river.



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