Choosing the Right Office Chair

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How to pick the right office chair

Choosing the Right Office Chair

Your chair supports your body and keeps you comfortable while working. Choose a chair that you believe can stand to be sat in for upwards of ten hours a day.

Get something adjustable. You want something that is able to move higher or lower and that allows you arm rests and a certain amount of spring action in the back. Stiff and rigid chairs create stiffness and tiredness in their users. Lower back support is important and if your chair doesn't have this, consider buying an insert to help.

Many chairs that are supposed to be ergonomic are slightly curved in the back so that they follow the natural curve of your back, allowing you more comfort. Your chair should also allow to move by being on wheels and allow you to rock back slightly.

Many people roll around the various areas within their office in their chair. Keep your chair well oiled so it moves easily.



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