Organizing Home Office Furniture

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How should I organize my home office furniture?

Organizing Home Office Furniture

The amount of organization in your home office is going to directly impact the amount of productivity you have working at home. Here are some tips to organizing your home office furniture:

  • Arrange furniture so there is freedom of movement. Even if you are in a small space, doing so as much as possible increases your ergonomics and equips you with more ability to fight stress.
  • Your chair should be able to move freely and you should have clear paths around your office area.
  • Put everything you regularly use within reach with minimal stretching requirements.
  • Put file cabinets under tables and if you don't need something within your reach, store it in a cabinet or out of your way to minimize clutter.
  • Keep clutter off your desk. Buy stackable bins for "To Do," "To Finish," "To File" and give everything a home.



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