Organize Your Student Desk

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How can a student desk be organized efficiently?

Organize Your Student Desk

A student desk is generally smaller than the typical office desk. Order and organization can be even more important for the busy student who needs both the area to work in and easy access to school supplies and accessories. But normally, the most unorganized area of a student's workstation is the computer. Here are some tips to keeping computers organized so students don't get sidetracked:

  • Delete e-mail that was already read. This will keep your inbox clean. If you want to keep it, create an e-mail file folder for it.
  • Reply to e-mail right away, so that your in box does not get built up.
  • Delete messages occassionally from your Sent mail folder. Mail boxes can have size limitations and your sent and deleted folders can prevent you from sending out new messages. Sent messages with large attachments, such as pictures and .PDF files, clog up your space. Be sure to delete anything unnecessary to keep your mailbox running efficiently.
  • Add to your address book often.
  • Put spam filters on your e-mail account to limit in box space.
  • Files- keep a disk or CD with your assignments from previous classes. This will keep folders easier to navigate through, as well as allow for more space. In addition, you will have things backed up in case of failure.
Clutter on your student desk can be conquered. You just need to have a plan and make it habit to clean up the desk and computer routinely.



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