How to Choose an Office Phone System

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What should I look for when purchasing a home office system?

How to Choose an Office Phone System

Here are some buying tips to consider when purchasing a new office phone system:

  • Save money with a used system: Buying used or refurbished phone systems is a smart business move in saving money. Most equipment is well engineered and lasts for years, so you are generally safe buying used phones systems.
  • Prioritize your features. Determine which features are important so you don't find yourself over or under equipped.
  • Find a reputable dealer: You will need assistance for installing and programming most phone systems. Once you've determined the type of system you want, finding a good phone dealer is key.
  • Consider VoIP phone systems. The latest in computer telephony - Voice over IP (VoIP) technology - allows businesses to place and receive calls using the Internet. VoIP is perfect if your business has remote workers. It can really help to keep you connected and keep your overall costs down.
  • Consider voice mail compatibility. Make sure your phone system can work with a wide range of third-party voice mail systems. This keeps your voice mail options open and minimize the chance of your getting stuck with an inferior or overpriced voice mail system.
  • Overwire. If you need to wire up your office for the phone system, install more wiring than you need to handle your current needs. Phone system experts suggest that you double the wiring you currently need. Although it adds to the cost of installation, it's a huge savings if you might need to add wires later.



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