Features to Look for in a Small Business Phone System

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What are some typical features of a small business phone system?

Features to Look for in a Small Business Phone System

The tech world is littered with latest and greatest phone systems for small businesses to choose from. To narrow down the selection, consider the following criteria:

  1. Is the phone system affordable?
  2. Does it offer features that my company needs? (Such as voice mail, auto attendants, dial-by-name directory and call routing?)
  3. Is VoIP available on the system?
  4. Can the CEO have a remote extension for his or her cell phone?
  5. Can the system be installed by the customer or does the customer have to pay for installation?
These are a few of the primary considerations to factor in when purchasing a small business phone system. Many systems are complex and require a phone system room which you need to account for and also to train your employees on utilizing all the functions of the phone. Choose a dealer willing to support you through the transition and one who has a quick response time if there are technical problems with your phone system.



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