High Tech Office Equipment for the 2000's

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What types of high tech office equipment are available today?

High Tech Office Equipment for the 2000's

To qualify for the label "high tech" in today's society, the word "wireless" must be prominent in all your bragging. Thanks to wireless cards for laptops and innovators like Bluetooth, connectivity and communication are more fluid than they ever have been. Good examples of high tech office equipment include:

  1. Wireless Internet connectivity for computing and cell phones (via wireless routers or cards) so you can do your work just about anywhere
  2. Bluetooth enabled data transfer devices so you can communicate with another person's PDA device without having to plug a thing in.
  3. One headphone device for a multitude of receivers.
  4. Blackberry devices are a must in Corporate America for instant email, text messaging and note-taking
Wireless is the way of today. To be considered "in" you should be able to do your job seamlessly from the comfort of a Starbuck's coffee house patio or an airport terminal. Are you "in"?



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