Storing Office Supply Items

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Choosing Storage Office Supply Products

Storing Office Supply Items

If you have a lockable storage cabinet, this is likely the best way to store your office supplies. Organize office supplies by supply type on the shelves and provide a "take out" list so that individuals can list what supplies they've removed from the cabinet. This will give the person responsible for keeping the supplies stocked a quick idea of what needs to be ordered.

If you do not have a cabinet to house your supplies, storage containers are a popular alternative, making the supply convenient and portable. There are many choices for supply containers ranging from cardboard boxes to large plastic containers.

The advantage of using paper boxes is that they are inexpensive, easy to write on and can be stacked to the ceiling. However, they can be flimsy and aren't suggested for holding heavy media such as books or computers and are not waterproof. Plastic containers typically cost more than paper boxes, but can handle more weight. Many plastic office containers come with handles for better portability.

A lockable cabinet or a place to lock up your storage boxes is preferred in order to ensure you're not supplying employees with free supplies for their home office or for the fact of ease of management of the supplies.



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