Lack of Clutter and Professionalism

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Can office storage add more simplicity to the work environment?

Lack of Clutter and Professionalism

Outside of being a secure way to store supplies and keep dust out, storage cabinets reflect simplicity, professionalism and order in any environment.

Imagine wrapped Holiday gifts under a tree. Then image those same gifts unwrapped and scattered all over the floor. Having office storage closed can make a substantial difference in the work environment. To maximize on simplicity, organization, and cleanliness, keep office storage cabinets and boxes closed.

Set a policy for filing in a centralized area if possible so that files are always found easily. If you leave individual filing to your employees, items likely won't be kept in a central location, different employees may choose different filing systems (alphabetical, date or numerical) and you run the risk of filing being procrastinated and not kept up.



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