Managing Excessive Paper in Office Storage and Archiving

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How can I get the best use out of office storage boxes?

Managing Excessive Paper in Office Storage and Archiving

Proper storage consists of more than simply paper into a box. For tax purposes and possibly even law (depending upon your business), you need to be able to find your documents when they are needed.

If you have a lot of different types of paper to store and it's not as simple as a date or numerical system, you may want to create a database or simple spreadsheet to help you keep track of your files. Effective use of office storage boxes can make finding and organizing office supplies a very efficient tool. Here are some ideas to help you stay organized:

  1. Load Label Names: Enter or import the names to be used to help identify file folders. You can make the names basic or advanced depending on your business needs.
  2. Setup Your Document Types: Enter the types of documents to be stored in file folders, along with how long they must be stored.
  3. Create File Folders: Combine label names and document types to create file folders. Print labels to put on you file folders in a wide variety of Avery style formats automatically as you create the file folders
  4. Make Storage Boxes: Now you are ready to assign folders to storage boxes. Select the folders that got placed in the same box. The Store Until date can be automatically calculated based on the type of documents you place in the box based upon a formula that you write into the spreadsheet. Assign a location to each storage box to help find the box when you need a folder in it.
  5. Search for File Folders: Now that you have assigned folders to storage boxes you can use the search option to locate those folders again. The search results will include the folder name, the storage box, and the location of the storage box. Tracking paper files has never been easier!
  6. Reporting: Search for reports to help you manage your hard copy document storage, such as...
  • a Box Contents Report which prints all of the file folders stored in the selected storage boxes.
  • a Box Destruction Report which prints all of the storage boxes whose Store Until date falls in the selected date range. You can also include the contents of each box in the report.
  • a Box Location Report which prints all of the storage boxes assigned to the selected locations
This may sound like a cumbersome process but if you file a lot of different types of records, the initial time it takes to set up your database and organize your files will pay off in the near future. It will improve the automation of archiving and destroying information as well as the ease with which you can locate a file.



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