Feng Shui in the Cube

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What are some cool decorating ideas?

Feng Shui in the Cube

Before diving into your cubicle redesign, remember that other people will see your workspace. Keep in mind that organization design changes frequently and you may be asked to relocate to a different cubicle.

However, with the Feng Shui design in homes, many employees are also bringing the Feng Shui design to their cubicle space.

Feng Shui is known to add a calming atmosphere to your workspace and bring certain elements to the area which help promote productivity and creativty, among other things. This could include plants, fountains, and soft lamps.

There are many books on the market that offer Feng Shui decorating guidelines for the cubicle or office. After planning your Feng Shui cubicle design, check your local office supply store or go online to buy supplies and accessories that will enhance your Feng Shui design.



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