Donating Old Office Equipment to Charity

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What can I do with old, yet still useable office equipment?

Donating Old Office Equipment to Charity

When upgrading your internal office equipment such as computers, monitors, laptops and printers, consider donating your old equipment to charity. There are many charitable organizations that will benefit from using your older, but still useable equipment. Public schools, local libraries, daycare centers, community recreation centers, community job search offices as well as other charitable organizations can benefit from using your computer office equipment and you, as a company, can benefit from the tax write offs as well as building a positive community profile.

Many charitable organizations will pick up your donations and issue a tax receipt. It's very important to be sure that when you donate old equipment such as a personal computer or server that you completely erase the hard drive to protect confidential information. There are special software programs available to help you, as simply hitting the delete key may not be enough.
Some companies rarely upgrade office equipment but others upgrade on such a constant basis that they are often spending more money on their IT budget than necessary. Ask for a technology evaluation from your IT supplier to help you keep pace with your infrastructure needs while not overdoing it and spending money needlessly.



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