Feng Shui and Office Cubicle Organization

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Feng Shui and Office Cubicle Organization

Office Depot Tip: Many people who have their office cubicles near a communal item such as a fax machine, printer, copier or water cooler become the accidental social networking area of the office. Because you may be closest to a place where people congregate or where people have to wait for something they may find it an opportunity to chat you up while you are working.

While a little bit of office socializing can be fun sometimes, if it's constant, it can get annoying.

Here are a few tips for avoiding becoming the target of anyone who is near your office cubicle you to engage you in constant conversation:

  • Have your back to the offending area. Set up your office cubicle in such a way that you are facing away from the offending zone

  • Talk to your manager about ‘Do not disturb' signs. In an office cubicles environment, it can be difficult to get work done when you feel like you don't have a door you can close. Getting special signs for everyone's cubicle or a flag that goes up when you don't want disturbances because you are working on a special project can be very helpful in minimizing socializing when you want to remain focused

  • If you find you cannot avoid being the office social area and it's really difficult to keep the conversations from happening around your cubicle, ask to be moved. Better that you are out of the way than unproductive or have to chance being rude to coworkers who don't get the hint



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