Printer Paper vs. Copy Paper

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Printer Paper vs. Copy Paper

Office Depot Tip: Copy paper is expensive and is one of the most wasted office supplies. Here are some great tips to help you save money and the planet by using less copy paper in the office:

  • Discourage the use of printing e-mails. Encourage staff to reduce paper by only printing e-mails if absolutely necessary
  • Suggest that staff print smaller fonts, double-sided and on your lower quality copy paper for internal documents. Save the expensive copy paper with larger fonts and blank backs for external presentations or correspondence.
  • Use fax post-it notes for cover sheets instead of a full piece of copy paper as a cover page. Or, implement electronic faxing from your desktop to save on paper faxes altogether
  • Encourage staff to proof read their documents in the “Print Preview” option before printing a hard copy of the document to save paper waste from printing errors
  • Show staff members the proper way to use the photocopier. Many staffers would print double-sided, have fewer paper jams and reduce their paper waste if they knew all the features and functions of your photocopier
  • Place recycling bins near copiers and encourage staff to use wasted photocopy paper again for scrap paper before sending them out to be recycled.



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