The Many Uses of a Folding Table

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The Many Uses of a Folding Table

Office Depot Tip: Folding tables and chairs are an asset to your home, office, school or church. They can be versatile enough to help in any situation where you need extra space.

At work:

  • Folding tables create extra workspace for large projects where you need workspace to put together presentations or prepare brochures

  • They come out of storage and in a snap can create extra space for meetings, training or an office event such as a party or luncheon

  • They can be used at trade shows to showcase your products easily

At church:

  • Folding tables can be used for fundraising sales or bazaars

  • They can be put up in your lobby for extra toy drives or food donation drives as well as hold brochures or special displays

  • They can be used for social occasions

  • They can be pulled out when you have an extra large crowd for any event

At home:
There are various styles available of folding tables for home use. They don't have to be industrial looking. If, however, your choose one that is, you can dress it up easily with festive tablecloths from discount or party stores.

  • Bring them out for big family dinners

  • Take them outside for a yard sale or child's lemonade stand

  • Use them when you go camping or picnicking

Choose a good folding table when you make this investment. They should be sturdy and durable as well as easy to wash and keep clean since they will likely be spending large amounts of time in storage getting dusty. Choose a folding table with durable hardware that allows you to easily flip the legs open or closed.



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