Choosing Furniture Themes for Your Office

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Choosing Furniture Themes for Your Office

Office Depot Tip: Buy additional office furniture for your place of work beyond your employees' desks and the reception area furniture. Other pieces of office furniture you might find beneficial are:

  • Break room furniture. Offer your employees a break room with an Internet café to encourage their using the company computer equipment for personal surfing only during break time. Put a few desks and some computers in the café as well as a comfortable place for employees to take a break such as a sofa or comfortable chairs. Having a break room encourages productivity because it creates an environment where socializing occurs in one location, rather than out in open areas or at people's desks.

  • Lunchroom furniture. Folding tables and chairs make great lunchroom furniture as you can move these tables and chairs to board rooms or use them for company events when extra seating and tables are needed

  • Guest offices. Set up a guest office for visitors who might be working on location at your site for the day

  • Break out rooms. Setting up a few breakout areas can be great for team meetings or brainstorming. A round table, several chairs and a dry erase board are all you need



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