Choosing the Right Home Office Furniture

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Choosing the Right Home Office Furniture

Office Depot Tip: A great idea for a home office desk that shares space with a multifunctional room such as a guest bedroom or den is a computer armoire desk. These desks work great in a home office because they fold away like an armoire when not in use. They typically have lockable doors and a keyboard tray that tucks in with doors that close over the unit to transform it easily from a full sized desk to an unobtrusive armoire. Many units have pull out tables that stow away in the desk and are easily able to be extended several feet to create a large workspace.
A home office can't always take up an entire room and sometimes needs to be right in the center of your home so a computer armoire desk that folds away can be perfect for someone who doesn't want their rooms to look cluttered and also solves the problem of smaller hands getting at important papers because everything stows away behind a bi-folding or set of pocket doors.

These desks are available in a multitude of classic and modern styles with many different finishes and can blend in with your home's décor so that they look like a typical armoire when they are closed.



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