Do You Need a New Office Chair?

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Do You Need a New Office Chair?

Office Depot Tip: Using the right chair is important. While there are many types of office chairs, not all of them are meant to be sat in for eight hours per day. For example,

  • Folding chairs can be great for an office but not for employees who need to sit for long periods of time.
  • Guest and reception chairs are great for your front lobby or for an office that has occasional guests but should not be used as a primary seat for an employee who works at a desk or a computer.
  • High-Back chairs are great for board rooms or executive offices but are expensive and unnecessary for every desk in a large office.
  • Fully adjustable chairs are the most ideal chairs for office workers who spend a lot of time at their desks
Making your chair more comfortable when using it for long periods of time is going to help you in many ways. Use a chair with good lumbar support and find a height that allows you to sit comfortably with your feet fat on the floor and your wrists extended straight. If your chair doesn't have decent support, consider buying an insert for it. An ergonomic chair will make your day more pleasant and allow you to be more productive with less back and neck strain. Having your chair allow you to swivel, move forward and back and have adjustable arm rests as well will all make it easier for you to move and be comfortable. Consider using an office mat as well to help your chair glide more easily around the floor at your workstation.



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