How to Choose an Office Phone System

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How to Choose an Office Phone System

Office Depot Tip: Disinfect your office phones on a regular basis, especially during cold and flu season. If you have staff members that share telephone systems, consider having your cleaning staff disinfect the phones as part of their daily cleaning. The reduction of germs in an office can increase your productivity and reduce the number of sick days and unscheduled absences by employees, which costs the company money.
Another alternative if you have multiple staff members sharing phones for various shifts such as in a 24-hour call center, is to provide each staff member with their own headset that they are responsible for. They plug their headset into the office phone system for the duration of their shift, which helps to minimize the spread of germs from the headsets and handsets. A cleaning of the telephone keys and keyboard keys on a daily basis will help reduce the spread of germs. Also, do not dispose of organic waste at your desk. This will reduce the overall germs at your desk and can help reduce the spread of such germs as e.coli. If you are in doubt about the cleanliness of the phone systems, you can purchase your own antimicrobial wipes and clean your phone receiver, buttons and keyboard on a regular basis.



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