Managing Excessive Paper in Office Storage and Archiving

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Managing Excessive Paper in Office Storage and Archiving

Office Depot Tip: Organize your storage cabinets by date and move old items out of the way periodically. Keep recent items more accessible and rotate older items down the line to eventually go to your archives. If you have in-house archives, you could eventually move things along and out of the way. If you have off site archives, paper files could go in an assembly line toward the door as new files are created.
Another consideration, if you have an abundance of paper files that you do not need to refer to often, is to scan them and save them to disc. This way, you can put your hard copies in an off site storage location and easily access files that you need by looking at digital copies. Tapes, discs or cartridges can be locked in fire safe storage cabinets and will take up much less room than a traditional paper storage cabinet.

Have a central filing system instead of allowing each employee to manage their own file storage to avoid duplication of storage and needless amounts of storage cabinets throughout the office.



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