Add-ons for Bulletin Boards

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Add-ons for Bulletin Boards

Office Depot Tip: Bulletin boards make great accessories at home and at the office. Families use them to communicate and keep important information at their disposal; today people even decorate corkboards as memory boards for decoration at home. Bulletin boards are also important office accessories.
Bulletin boards are essential workstation or cubicle accessories. There are cork, dry erase and fabric boards available to choose from in various sizes. Some are enclosed with locks as well for display in more public areas.

When shopping for bulletin boards to have at your employee workstations or cubicles, consider using a combination bulletin board. There are models available that are half cork and half dry erase. This is a great tool for the average cubicle where the staff members wants both to pin up information as well as have a place to write notes or messages to one another. There are also thin cork borders available to install along the trim of an office partition wall where a thin border can allow employees to post notes or papers along the perimeter of the wall.

If you have a community bulletin board in your office or church, designate someone to keep the information current so people aren't looking at old or outdated information.



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