Dry Erase Boards and Their Markers

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Dry Erase Boards and Their Markers

Office Depot Tip: Dry erase boards don't have to just be for the office. Families can utilize these too. These boards are available in various sizes and styles. Dry erase boards or whiteboards are as washable as a chalk board but without the dust. These are easily cleanable as you use special erasable markers for them. A large dry erase board in the kitchen or a common area of the home such as by the telephone or in your den, can be left for notes, family chores, telephone messages , household information and reminders. They can also be used to set up weekly calendars.
If you want to get really organized, you can also use a small dry erase board on the back of everyone's bedroom door can house things like telephone messages, reminders and chores.

Of course dry erase boards are now considered practically essential in any office. A dry erase board is much friendlier to the environment and to your office supply budget than a paper flip chart that always needs refills and so a dry erase board is now found at the heart of just about every boardroom or breakout room in an office.



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