Personalized Office Signs to Boost Morale

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Personalized Office Signs to Boost Morale

Office Depot Tip: When you work in a large or unfamiliar office, finding your way around a big office or locating office machines can be difficult. The same can be said for offices that have regular guests or customer tours. Office signs labeling departments, employees, copy rooms, supply closets, and storage areas are a good idea. If the office is large, consider having office signs near the front of the office that tells new staff members and visitors how to find locations such as:

  • Board rooms or the lunch room
  • Photocopier and Faxing Stations
  • Departments
  • Individuals
  • Rest Rooms
  • Coffee Stations
Label common areas with signs that can be seen by anyone visiting. Empty sign holders can be purchased as well. These can be a great asset to your office as well as they can hold literature about your company, awards given to you, motivational posters for staff members and bulletins as well as sign holders with brochure pockets where you can place information about coming events or corporate value statements. Your outdoor office sign tells people where you are but signs inside your office can help them navigate more easily around your location.



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