What Should be on Your Back to School Supply List

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What Should be on Your Back to School Supply List

Officer Depot Tip: 3 ring binders are great for helping people get organized. There are many types available.

The student who loses things definitely could hugely benefit from buying something like the Franklin Covey Spacemaker binder. This 3 ring binder allows you to sort multiple subjects and keep pens, calculators and other items all in secured in one single place. It's much easier to use one binder rather than several. However, if you need to use a few 3 ring binders, it's a good idea to use different colors for each subject you need one for.

The executive or business professional benefits from a day timer or padfolio where they can keep all their appointments, business cards, PDA, cell phone and other information all in one place. Three ring binders can also hold sheets that close, hold business cards, photographs and more.

All kinds of 3 ring binder accessories are available like inserts, tabs, binder clips and even zippered binders that can hold multiple subjects to help you keep everything you need in one spot and help prevent the loss of important papers or projects.



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