Ideas to Help Improve the Study Environment

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Ideas to Help Improve the Study Environment

Office Depot Tip: School supplies can help a student be more organized. Many children and older students who don't complete their homework or complete work without detail or neatness could benefit from some helpful tips about school supplies:

  • Clean out your backpack, locker, and desk at school and at home thoroughly at least once a week. Clutter slows you down and impedes your progress. Being able to find what you need and work in a clutter free environment are necessary to help you be successful
  • Organize your school supplies. Keep a place for extra supplies at home where you can readily find extra pencils, erasers or special supplies needed for projects
  • Use an agenda or day planner to help remember when assignments are due and what extra curricular activities you have on which days
  • Use a dry erase white board in your room and on your locker door to help you remember important tasks
  • Pack your school bag before going to bed so you don't forget important assignments or to bring necessary school supplies to school in the morning. When you try to get ready racing the clock in the morning you are more likely to forget something important
Having the right school supplies can help you do a better job.



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