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An Alternative to Papers on your Desk

You probably get current project files on your desk, but you probably then also know what a hazard this is to your productivity. Office supplies to the rescue! During my monthly Office Depot trip to buy my office supplies for the month, I bought color file jackets. File jackets are a much, much better method for keeping current project files on your desk.

File jackets are:

-color coded (easy and fun to sort visually)

-able to hold manila folders (I'm talking about expandable file jackets, not file envelopes)

-good to keep on your desk

-easy to grab when you're on the go

-a secure solution: papers don't fall out of them unless you shake them upside down

-a money-saving solution: put current project manila folders in there and don't color-code them: use the color file jackets to color code

You can buy a pack of five color file jackets for about $12 from your local Office Depot or from the Office Depot website, and you won't regret it!

Disclaimer: Office Depot is the exclusive sponsor of the tip site. As office supply guru, I can tell you this is fortunate, because they have a boundless selection of office supplies to please any office supply shopper. The content of this tip has not been dictated by Office Depot, and is brought to you from the guru's expertise.

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