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How would one use Feng Shui in a cubicle?

Feng Shui and Office Cubicle Organization

A cubicle is a much trickier Feng Shui situation than an entire office or room. Cubicles are unfortunate paradigms of vulnerability for the individual worker. One of the chief problems is that you don't use a real desk but work from a countertop-type desk that is attached to a cubicle wall. However, you can do plenty to improve your situation:

  1. Make sure you can see the entrance to your cube from your desk. Try to move your sitting position first, but don't cramp your work style. If you can't move — you can't.
  2. If you can't move your sitting position, you can place an 8-x-10-inch mirror in a picture frame or on a small stand to reflect the entrance of the cube to allow you to see if anyone is approaching. Many people subconsciously use the reflections in their computer monitor to see who's approaching them, because seeing the entrance is a basic human need.
  3. Bringing living and flowing energy into your workspace, such as plants and flowers. These features are important ways of compensating for the small size of your space and the constant traffic flows that pass by your cube. A nice fountain near the entrance of your cube can work wonders. If space or social realities preclude a fountain, you can get some of the same benefits from a photo (the larger, the better) of flowing water, such as of a waterfall or river.

How can I improve the lighting in my cubicle?

Cubicle Lighting Suggestions

Like the majority of office workers, you probably work under fluorescent lighting. You may be able to replace the tubes yourself with healthier full-spectrum ones (also called "grow lights") from the hardware store. If you can't replace them, bring in some supplemental incandescent light in the form of floor or table lamps. Working solely with overhead light is uncomfortable for the eyes, and supplemental lighting is a source of relief for your eyes and mind.

What type of partition file systems can I hang up in my cubicle?

Hanging Files on Partition Walls

Before you become the victim of falling file syndrome, do some research to find a hanging file system that is sturdy enough to hold up to 10 pounds of paperwork, and ensure that your office partition walls are stable enough to support the file system. All it takes is a call to the office facilities staff or a browse through a recent office supplies catelog to find the right hanging file holder for your cubicle.

How would I design an effective home office?

Designing an Effective Home Office

Here is a list of guidelines to help design an effective home office.

1. Identify the office equipment needed including computers, printers, fax machines, answering machines, telephones and copiers.
2. If you'll be meeting with clients in your home office, add a conference table or sitting area to the list.
3. Lay out your basic office design, taking into consideration the importance of lighting throughout.
4. Remember that when it becomes time to resell the home, the office can be presented as a guest bedroom to potential buyers. If you can, include a full bath in an adjacent location that can be used by clients.
5. If the office is on ground level, a separate client entry can be designed to provide privacy. Conversely, with a second floor location client interaction is deterred.
6. A perimeter location can help insulate the office from noise and also reduce the impact of any visual clutter from inside the home.
7. Adequate lighting is critically important in establishing a healthy if not serious work environment. If using fluorescent fixtures, opt for parabolic grilles to reduce glare.
8. Provide a separate circuit with 15 to 20 amps of service. A separate ground is another precaution that will isolate your office equipment from home appliances.
9. Install adequate telephone and data lines. Include cable into the office area as it might one day serve as your primary conduit to the internet.
10. Design large workspace surfaces and adjacent areas to allow for maximum flexibility and comfort.
11. Allow for ample file storage space. Typically, a four drawer file cabinet per person per year is adequate.
12. Fireproof filing cabinets for storing your important business documents.

What should I consider when decorating a home office?

Home Office Decorating Considerations

The home office is becoming more of a necessity in nearly every home in the country. Not only are stay-at-home moms finding telecommuting jobs, but many Americans are starting home based businesses.

Most people don't have the extra space to spare for a home office, but the need for one is still there. Home offices can be created in a variety of spaces, from a guest bedroom to a large closet or a corner of your kitchen.

When creating a home office, it is important to keep in mind your specific needs, including storage, work space and, most importantly, proper lighting. Remember, your space not only needs to be functional, but it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing.

What are my options with modular office furniture?

Choosing the Right Modular Office Furniture

Systems furniture is available in two main designs: panel-mounted and freestanding. Most systems furniture today is panel-mounted, which means the wall panels are the basis of the system, and components such as desks and file cabinets are mounted directly onto the panels. Freestanding components use separate panels that are placed around furniture. Each design has its advantages:

  • Panel-based systems offer greater design flexibility, can be equipped with internal power options, and can be a bit taller to provide greater privacy and noise reduction.
  • Freestanding systems can be easily installed and reconfigured. This makes them more convenient for firms that will often rearrange or move office space.
The decision in which type to choose lays in which feature is more important: flexibility or mobility.

How can cubicle accessories improve effeciency?

Organization with Cubicle Accessories

In today's competitive market, nobody can afford to waste time and effort at work. We're all looking for ways to be more efficient and effective, decrease stress, streamline a process or just make life easier.

Organization is a smart way to accomplish all of that and more. Look around your workspace. Do you feel and look like you're in control? If not, it's time to start getting it together. Cubicle accessories help eliminate clutter and assist with providing easy access to important documents and supplies. In a way, your cubicle's organization is a reflection of your ability to work efficiently. Give some thought to accessorizing your cubicle today.

How does one find quality office products?

Finding Quality Office Products

It doesn't take a treasure map to find quality office products, but does take a proactive consumer to step up and ask the right questions. Here are a few steps to ensure that you get safe and reliable office products:

  1. Check brand names before shopping.
  2. Look for warranties on all packaging
  3. Talk to friends and co-workers
  4. Go on line and do some research
If you still can't decide which office products are the best quality for your money, ask a sales associate.

How do people theme their office cubicles?

How to Theme Office Cubicles

Most office supply manufacturers design their products in bulk, in hopes that you will be inclined to purchase an entire collection of cubicle supplies. The trick to theming an office cubicle is to actually purchase a collection when the collection is prepackaged as a set, so that each piece is not sold separately. Typical collections will range in cost from $40 to upwards of $100. Choose from standard black to executive-style oak appearances. These themed sets may include inboxes, pen and pencil holders, mousepads, book stands, and picture frames. Do some research to find a collection that complements your ideal office cubicle theme.

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