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Why use a travel wallet?

The Benefit of a Travel Wallet

Travel wallets are a great accessory for frequent travelers or international travelers. Travel wallets offer enough room for your passport, Traveler's Checks, airplane tickets, boarding passes, itineraries and other documents. By keeping everything you need for your flight and travel arrangements together, you can easily safeguard them and have them available when you need them.

In case of any emergency, it's a good idea to separate some of your valuables in case anything gets lost. For example, if you carry a purse, keep some extra cash in your pocket in case your purse is stolen. The last thing you want is to find yourself without your luggage or wallet when trouble breaks out on a foreign continent.

Why use a card holder?

The Importance of Having a Card Holder

If your career requires that you carry business cards, should consider using a card holder. Card holders not only keep your business cards dry and flat, but holders are considered to be the professional way to offer up your business information.

A card holder can be monogrammed with your initials or your company's logo. You should also have a stylish card holder for your desk as well.

Are there briefcases made just for women?

Find Briefcases Made for Just for Women

A briefcase doesn't have to be masculine looking or unisex. There are many classy looking briefcases out there in various styles. Many include matching accessories such as day planners, portfolios and other items.
There are many options in various styles, sizes and budgets.

Many briefcases are offered in more than the standard metal or black colors in various fabrics with designer labels. A feminine and stylish briefcase is a great gift for a professional woman or for a girl to buy for herself.

How else can luggage tags be used?

Luggage Tags Hold Business Cards

Luggage tags are more than just a way of insuring your luggage finds you after taking a detour at the airport. Most luggage tags are the exact same size as a standard business card. The tag allows a large enough slot to slide in a small stack of business cards. If your business card holder is empty while you're away on business, you will have this extra stash available to you in your luggage. This also provides complete contact information for you should your luggage be stolen. Because your business number is available on your luggage tag, it would be easier for the one finding your luggage to leave a message on your voice mail which you can check while travelling.

Why go with a rolling briefcase over a standard one?

The Rolling Briefcase Versus the Standard Briefcase

Using a rolling briefcase instead of standard briefcase can make one's life much easier. Many rolling briefcases offer you more than one option in order to transport your briefcase. Some offer a hand-to-shoulder strap handle that easily converts to a shoulder strap to free up your hands while traveling. Rolling briefcases are great for those who travel on business but also for other professionals who find themselves regularly carrying a heavy briefcase to meetings or while commuting.

The rolling briefcase can cause less trauma to your contents because it's more stable than being shaken while you walk and takes stress off your body when having to take it on long distances by foot.

Are all metal briefcases waterproof?

Metal Briefcase Doesn't Always Mean Waterproof Briefcase

Many people would assume that if they require a waterproof briefcase, an obvious choice would be a metal briefcase. Not all metal briefcases are waterproof. Check the label on the briefcase for these two clues:

  1. Does the label prominently specify that the case is waterproof?
  2. Does the manufacturer offer a replacement guarantee if the briefcase is breached by water?
If you are regularly carrying your briefcase outdoors in commuting or to business meetings, you need to protect your laptop, cellular phone, other electronic instruments and paper from the elements.

What should one look for when choosing a laptop briefcase?

Choosing a Laptop Briefcase

When searching for a laptop briefcase, consider features like padded laptop sleeves, multiple organizer pockets, pen slots, zippered pockets, key clip, cell phone pocket, and removable padded shoulder straps. If the laptop is wide format, make sure it will fit in the briefcase.

If you are carrying your laptop while commuting, you should also consider weather resistance and the method of carrying that laptop. While standard cases allow you to carry like a briefcase or offer a shoulder strap, carrying a heavy briefcase containing a computer can be strenuous on your back and shoulders. There are rolling laptop cases widely available as well as backpack briefcases that safely hold your items and give you extra options in how you want to carry them.

How can stains be removed from a leather briefcase?

Removing a Stain From a Leather Briefcase

If your leather briefcase is in relatively good condition, cleaning it can be a good alternative to replacing it. Fresh leather briefcase stains from things such as blood and food can be cleaned up quickly with a damp cloth. Stains from oil or grease can be lifted by grinding ordinary blackboard chalk, sprinkling the area, and leaving the powder on for a twenty four hour period. Use a leather care brush to remove the powder and avoid rubbing the powder into the briefcase.

If you expect that your leather briefcase will be subjected to more than typical wear and tear you can consider having your leather pre-treated for extra protection and stain resistance.

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