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What should one consider when purchasing a new office chair?

Do You Need a New Office Chair?

Take care when selecting an office chair. Even if you are not willing to pay for an ergonomic solution, you should at least consider the safety factors for others who may share your office chair in the future. Consider the following:

  1. Does the chair have arm rails? This can allow for extra comfort.
  2. Is the chair stable and durable?
  3. Does it come with wheels for mobility?
  4. Is the chair a comfortable fabric?
  5. How much the chair will be used?
  6. What is the expected time life of the chair?

Why use a corner computer desk over a standard computer desk?

The Advantage of Corner Computer Desks

If you have a small office space at your home office or at your place of business, a corner desk may be a great option.

The main advantage of owning corner office desks is the amount of space the desk will free up. Typically, desks will span the length of an entire office wall. A corner computer desk will free up wall space and give the room an open-air feel to it.

A corner desk can hold as much equipment as a standard desk and generally can be set up to store many items and be ergonomic too. A corner computer desk is a great option for a child or teenager's room or for the family who wants a home office but either only has a small room to dedicate to it, or has to share a room with another function.

How can a student desk be organized efficiently?

Organize Your Student Desk

A student desk is generally smaller than the typical office desk. Order and organization can be even more important for the busy student who needs both the area to work in and easy access to school supplies and accessories. But normally, the most unorganized area of a student's workstation is the computer. Here are some tips to keeping computers organized so students don't get sidetracked:

  • Delete e-mail that was already read. This will keep your inbox clean. If you want to keep it, create an e-mail file folder for it.
  • Reply to e-mail right away, so that your in box does not get built up.
  • Delete messages occassionally from your Sent mail folder. Mail boxes can have size limitations and your sent and deleted folders can prevent you from sending out new messages. Sent messages with large attachments, such as pictures and .PDF files, clog up your space. Be sure to delete anything unnecessary to keep your mailbox running efficiently.
  • Add to your address book often.
  • Put spam filters on your e-mail account to limit in box space.
  • Files- keep a disk or CD with your assignments from previous classes. This will keep folders easier to navigate through, as well as allow for more space. In addition, you will have things backed up in case of failure.
Clutter on your student desk can be conquered. You just need to have a plan and make it habit to clean up the desk and computer routinely.

Do I need an L shaped computer desk?

L-Shaped Computer Desks

L-shaped computer desks are popular because they offer more space than typical desks for equipment like scanners, printers, faxes, etc. However, if you do a little research, you will find that many manufacturers offer complimentary pieces that may enable you to create your own L-shaped desk without paying thousands more for one piece set. Some L-shaped desks require assembly, so why not match and customized your own desk?

You may only require a single table attached to your desk for extra workspace above and to house a small filing cabinet and waste paper baskets underneath. Many home models come with an expandable "L" for occasional use.

When is it safe to purchase a glass computer desk?

Glass Computer Desks

Glass desks can give your office or room an aura of sophistication and simplicity. But furniture made of glass isn't for anyone. If you work from home, a glass desk could be easily damaged or consistently need cleaning due to never ending finger prints. Consider your environment prior to shopping for a computer desk.

A glass desk or table may look great in a board room or front lobby as a receptionist's workstation.

What should one look for when choosing an office desk?

Choosing A Quality Office Desk

When choosing office desks, quality can be an important factor. A desk is an investment that should last. If you are using this desk for a reception area, it is the first thing your customers see. If it's for an executive's office, it needs to reflect that in quality.

To determine the quality of the desk, start by examining the construction of the drawers. Higher quality drawers will have a sturdy suspension, using metal suspension rollers. Make sure that the drawers open and close smoothly when bearing weight. Also check to see if the drawers slide out to their full length, allowing the user to fully utilize the space. The desk should feel sturdy and not rickety.

Most quality furniture manufacturers also offer a warranty and guarantee with high end furniture.

What do ergonomic office chairs have to offer?

Office Chairs and Ergonomics

Ergonomic office chairs are suitable for use for long periods of work and are great for call centers, boardrooms, and executive use.

The wide range of adjustments should allow you to fine tune your seating position and to accommodate your working environment. Orthopedic and ergonomic office chairs may enhance work performance and help reduce a common cause of work absenteeism - back pain.

If you plan to be in your office chair on a regular basis, an ergonomic chair is your best option for comfort as well as productivity.

What is the difference between a regular desk and a computer desk?

Different Types Of Work Stations For Different Functions

When shopping for a desk, it's important to understand the difference between typical office desks and computer desks. Choose the desk that most suits your plans for it as well as the space that the desk will occupy.

Computer desks will accommodate equipment such as printers, faxes and provide pre-drilled holes for cables and wires, and may have a keyboard tray built in. A regular desk is generally rectangular with a workspace and drawers.

Corner computer desks are great for space savings. L-shaped computer desks are good for reception areas or workspaces where a lot of computer work occurs as well as other functions such as an administrative assistant who needs both space for a computer as well as paperwork.

How to fluorescent desk lamps help save money?

Save Money by Using Fluorescent Desk Lamps

Fluorescent desk lamps come in all shapes and sizes, and while they cost about 25 percent more than regular lamps, they can last up to 10 years and run on less electricity. When you add up the cost of replacement bulbs and years of unneeded electricity, its easy to see why more and more people are moving toward using fluorescent desk lamps.

Having more task lighting on your desks can reduce eye strain. Whenever possible, employees should have natural light in their working environment. Not everyone can have a window seat, so it's best to allow employees to set up their area or cubicle with as much light as they feel is comfortable. While most offices do have overhead lighting, desk lighting is also advisable.

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