School Supplies Made to Impress Classmates

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What school supplies would be considered cool or trendy?

School Supplies Made to Impress Classmates

Inventors are now coming up with creative ideas to help students appear cool to their friends and peers. Here are just a few of the zannie ideas available today:

  • A UK-based gadget store came up with a Siren Alarm Clock that has a blue flashing light and a setting called "sure to wake you up", which is sure to wake up the entire dorm.
  • The USB Tanning Center plugs into your computer and attaches to each side of your monitor. This device is for real and allows students to catch a tan while studying.
More realistic cool school supplies include:

  • Sharpie Mini
  • Crayola Erasable Markers
  • Mini One-Touch Staplers
  • iTunes ShuffleKeep with the times, keep with new gadgets and keep cool while you're in school.



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