Home Office Decorating Considerations

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Home Office Decorating Considerations

Office Depot Tip: Using office partition walls are a great way to create private spaces in an office that houses a lot of people. But making a computer cubicle farm can make the office drab and closed in feeling. In order to best utilize partitions without feeling close in, consider a few tips to help you make the most of office partition walls while keeping the atmosphere upbeat and not making your staff feel like they're in a claustrophobic labyrinth.

  • Choose lighter colors for your office partition walls. Light pastels rather than dark heavy colors will lighten the mood and the atmosphere of the office.
  • Lighting helps. Decent lighting not only increases mood but also productivity. If you have windows, let natural light in. If you do not, create extra task lighting to keep the environment bright
  • Consider lower walls within team areas. If you use a combination of lower and higher office partition walls, you can help avoid a closed in feeling. For example, use higher walls around the perimeter of a department but lower walls in between to both give privacy as well as the ability for team members to communicate where necessary without having to leave their cubicle
  • Use moveable partitions that allow you to easily reconfigure spaces as necessary



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