Buying Envelopes Wholesale

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Buying Envelopes Wholesale

Office Depot Tip: Envelopes don't have to just be used for mailing letters. Envelopes make great filing and organizing systems at home and at work. Envelopes are often thrown out when they come with junk mail or when you have extras from stationary boxes. Here are some practical and some creative ideas for extra ways to use up envelopes:

  1. Use an envelope budgeting system whereby you divide your monthly income into different envelopes for your budgeting needs. For example, rent, utilities, food, savings, entertainment
  2. Use envelopes to organize your coupons in your purse. Use an envelope to help you find things quickly. For example, health and beauty, food and cleaning supplies.
  3. Use large envelopes as your home filing system. Putting all birthday cards and correspondence such as postcards and letters from each year into a large envelope can make for easier filing in your memento or keepsake box
  4. Use leftover envelopes to help organize craft supplies such as stickers, scrapbooking supplies and children's craft items



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