The Advantage of Corner Computer Desks

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The Advantage of Corner Computer Desks

Office Depot Tip: If your office desks have small surfaces for employees to work on, such as small workstations or computer cart desks, consider the following tips to maximize the space:

  • Flat screen monitors. Flat screen monitors take up a fraction of the space of a traditional desktop monitor and give your workstations a modern and stylish look
  • Laptop computers. A laptop takes up a small amount of space compared to a desktop, monitor and keyboard. Employees can also take their work home during busy times.
  • Keyboard trays. A keyboard tray hides away under the surface of the office desks so that the space on the desk is free for employees to use while the computer keyboard is neatly tucked under the desk either on a rolling track or extendable arms that allow you to easily bring the keyboard in and out as needed.
  • Partition wall shelves. If you have small workstations for your staff separated by cubicle partition walls, you can use those walls for storage. There are shelves and other accessories that can hang up on the wall freeing desktop space and making cubicles look more attractive and organized
  • Copy holders. Use a copy holder for data entry that attaches to your monitor or cubicle wall for space saving reasons as well as for ergonomics as it is friendlier to your eyes and neck to read at eye level instead of straining to read a paper that's lying flat on your desk.
There are many things you can do to best utilize small office desks. A little creativity and the right office supplies can go a long way.



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