Choosing the Right Office Mats

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Choosing the Right Office Mats

Office Depot Tip: Office mats are used for a variety of reasons.

  1. They need to be used in your entrance ways for wet or slippery floors to prevent falls by employees, guests and delivery personnel. They also give your employees a place to wipe their feet. In winter, consider having an extra mat somewhere for overshoes or boots. You can even order mats with logos on them and hire a cleaning service to keep them fresh and clean throughout the wet seasons
  2. Office mats are also used under employee's chairs to prevent damage from chair casters to carpet or floors. Office mats can be made from fabric or vinyl or even hardwood to help protect whatever floor is underneath the employee
  3. Employees also find having an office mat under their chair useful in reducing back and neck strain from moving their chair around their cubicle when doing repetitive tasks. Employees constantly wheel around the area at their desk or workstation and a smoother surface requires less effort
  4. Some office mats are anti-static which prevent shocks and can be important for anyone who is repairing a computer



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