Choosing from All the Calendar and Planner Options

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Choosing from All the Calendar and Planner Options

Search office supply store online for calendar and you'll be confronted with the fun page full of options:

There are plenty of options available, as you see, for fulfilling your organizing needs. But time management methodologies abound, do's and don't's propagate the workplace and article in print and online and from your past experience. Overall, it can be very, very difficult to know just how you should keep yourself organized.

Calendars, whether wall calendars, appointment books, or organizer books house them or they are standalones, are absolutely vital in staying organized. They serve as a storage center for all of your tasks and commitments, ready to remind you at any time of what you need to do and to house new information.

So, to gain footing in the quest of organizing yourself, your office, and your commitments, you know you need a calendar. Let me make your next office supply shopping trip just a little bit easier with three quick questions to serve as your shopping guide, a sort of rubric for your calendar options.

  1. Will you be the sole user of this calendar? If not, try a wall calendar so that no one needs to go through your papers or get to your desk: the wall is a much more accessible option. If so, consider appointment books and organizer books. Office Depot has plenty of options, online and in-store, that will mesh with your budget and your style.

  2. How much are you writing on/in your calendar? A few quick jottings per day means a small or all monthly calendar option will suit you just fine, but more than that (especially detailed to-do and appointment lists) require larger blocks on a monthly calendar or a weekly or daily option in an organizer book or appointment book.

  3. Do you need to save your calendars / archive your planning pages? If you do, you probably don't want to put a wall calendar on your shopping list unless you'll invest in poster tubes to store them or you'll painstakingly fold the pages to file them (and take special care to be sure they aren't violently tore off in celebration of a new month).

So, whether shopping online or visiting your local Office Depot, shop savvy for your next calendar tool.

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